Crepe culture was brought to us not just in France, but also in other western European and Mediterranean nations. We couldn’t help but fall in love with crepes and coffee, so in 2001 we built our first crepe café on Maui, Hawaii. We relocated inland five years later, launched a restaurant in Houston, Texas, and opened a café in Lakeway. We have now expanded our Austin horizons to Bee Cave, Texas, just a short drive from our Lakeway location and the heart of Austin.
In Brittany in the fifteenth century, crepes were regarded as a common dish. At Vivel, we’ve maintained some of those age-old recipes and used the same tried-and-true methods, but we’ve also added contemporary flair and flavor. Everything we do has been thoughtfully designed to give our customers the greatest possible experience.
We hold ourselves to very high standards. Although we value uniqueness and quality above all else, we also believe in retaining the essence of our coffee and crepes. We’re confident that after trying us, you’ll agree.

Bon Appetit!